PROS is an organization of competent business and professional men and women whose objective is to support one another through referrals, sharing of knowledge and encouragement. No more than one individual will represent a particular business or profession at any one time unless consent is granted by the existing member of the same profession


1) Application for membership: Prospective members are invited to attend a bi-monthly lunch meeting once at no charge. If the visitor becomes interested in membership in an unfilled category, at least two members of the membership screening committee will interview the applicant and present them with an application for membership. If the members in attendance at the meeting when the individual is proposed for acceptance vote for admission, he or she will be invited to join. If one or more members object to the candidate, they shall be given an opportunity to explain their objections and another vote shall be taken. If 2/3 of those voting affirm the nomination, membership shall be made available.

2) Dues and fines: Monthly dues shall be $25, plus a one time initiation fee of $50. The club is intended to be a nonprofit organization, and no part of the club's income shall be diverted to the members.

3) Membership termination: Members may be terminated by the club for good cause or by resignation of the individual. Good cause grounds for removal include: unexcused absence for more than 3 consecutive meetings, disreputable conduct, unethical business practices, conviction of a felony or crime, discontinuance of his or her business or profession, or non payment of dues for more that 60 days. A vote to terminate requires a 2/3 majority of the members present.

4) Officers: There shall be a President who conducts the regular and any special meetings and receives bank statements. The Vice President shall preside over meetings when the President is unavailable and shall be responsible for assigning the speaker for the next meeting. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the membership roster and any necessary correspondence. Members who cannot attend, for any reason, should notify the Secretary before 10 a.m. on the meeting day (preferably before that). The Treasurer shall collect dues, pay bills and maintain the checking/savings account(s). Officer's terms shall be for a calender year and individuals may serve in any one role for no more than 3 consecutive terms. Nominations for officers shall be made by the membership in a meeting in November each year and elections shall be held in the second meeting of December.

These Bylaws may be amended by the membership by a 2/3 vote of those members present. The proposed amendments must be submitted to all members in writing with an identified date scheduled for the vote. The announcement must be sent at least one month prior to the scheduled voting date.

The President may appoint any committees as may be appropriate for the good of the group. Such committees may be permanent or temporary, as designated.


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