was proud to recently feature a Special Speaker.

Kathleen Kent from Limit the Impact


It is Human Nature to NOT want to think about disruptive events. Having to "get prepared" implies something bad may happen in the future. Most of us are complacent: "Nothing is going to happen to me right now." Preparedness can sound overwhelming, expensive and time consuming.

Commerce is at risk during disruptions when businesses don't have written and actionable preparedness plans, when businesses aren't able to support other businesses, and when employees are not prepared at home. When commerce slows down, economies suffer, affecting entire communities.

Employees who are prepared at home are much more likely to show up to work during disruptions. Most of your employees' families are not prepared at home to weather infrastructure disruption. Employees tend to stay home to care for their family members when their welfare is at stake. Businesses cannot operate without their employees. Get everyone (your staff, managers, & executives) informed, involved and motivated to prepare at home.

Kathleen Kent is a vibrant, dynamic speaker and the creative source behind Limit the Impact's preparedness materials. Her lighthearted, "keep it simple" approach to life is obvious in her inviting, practical layout and design of Limit the Impact's Family Guide and Business Disruption Battle Plan Workshop Workbook.

Kathleen's heartfelt, lively presentations motivate others to take action. Her passion to help society, communities, businesses, and families become prepared is based upon the belief that "we are all connected" and "we must all reach out to others in need."

This is a special meeting you should bring your entire staff to. We have made special arrangements to accommodate more guests at this meeting. All we ask is that members pay the addtional cost for any employees or guests they bring to this special meeting.

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