Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to join PROS?
We charge a $50 joining fee, and dues are $25 per month. The $25 monthly dues cover the cost of your two lunches as we meet over lunch.

Can I attend a meeting to check out the group first?
Absolutely. In fact, your first lunch is on us. You can check us out and we can get to know you a little and see if it will be a good fit for all of us. We just ask that you contact us first at least a few days in advance so we can give an accurate number to the restaurant.

What if I can't attend a meeting? Can someone come in my place?
Yes. We understand that sometimes things will come up, and one of your employees or co-workers is welcome to represent you in your absence.

Do I have to use the services of everyone in the group?
Whenever possible we hope that you will want to use and recommend PROS members; however we understand that if you have a long-term relationship already established with a company that you may not want to change. We just ask that you would at least attempt to send referrals to that PROS member.

I really want to join PROS, but I see that you already have someone in my profession. What are my options?
Please let us know of your interest. We may invite you to lunch anyway. We'll at least add your name to a wait list.

I own two companies. Can I represent both in the PROS group?
Only one business per membership is allowed. If you want to enroll both businesses separately and pay separate dues you can, but you may want to find someone else to attend to represent one of the businesses.

I don't think my business will be able to get referrals from the PROS members, but I am interested in joining for the information and so I can have a good source of referrals for my clients. Can I still join?
As long as you are willing to use the services of and recommend group members you are welcome. And you may be surprised. Even if PROS members can't use your services we may know people who can. Many of us come into contact with a wide range of people.

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