Raves and recommendations

Satisfied customers are the best testominal for a successful business. Here are just a few raves about PROS from some of our members.


Shawn K. Mercalde
Carney Badley Spellman
Shawn Mercalde helped me with a difficult situation I had with a supplier that could have cost me a lot of money. Not only did we avoid having to go to court, but the entire situation was resolved with a well-written letter. I received a full credit for the inferior product, and the manufacturer has since contacted me, wanting to gain me back as a customer with an improved product. Shawn is a level headed person of high integrity with the ability to look at the big picture, exactly the person you need on your team of experts. . . . Valerie Vavrik, V V Graphics, LLC

[picture]Mike Patrick
Independent Insurance Agent

Mike Patrick was there at a time when my family needed temporary insurance for a few months while my husband was in-between jobs. Mike provided immediate services with a friendly attitude. . . . Kim Boyden, Certified Hypnotherapist


Mike Fullaway, CPA
Fullaway, Lamphear & Sauve PLLC
Mike Fullaway helped me figure out and get through the paper maze of getting my business set up and keeping it running. He helped make the impossible (taxes, formation of my LLC) possible. Mike is easy to work with and very friendly. . . . Kim Boyden, Certified Hypnotherapist

When Mike talked about the differences between sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and limited liability corporations during a meeting, I realized my company needed an update. Mike made the transition easy and smooth, and I sleep easier knowing my personal assets are protected. . . . Valerie Vavrik, V V Graphics, LLC


Kim Boyden
Certified Hypnotherapist
Having to deal with the ups and down of weight control all my life, sessions with Kim have been the answer to all my searching. Understanding the "why for" of the weight circle is really the answer. Hectic life styles make good habits hard to come by. My sessions with Kim helped me relax, look at my inner self and take the steps to making good decisions and the right choices. Those sessions helped me understand and gave me the will to move through the choices available and choose the ones that are "good" for me for the long haul instead of the good short time feeling. I am looking to ongoing and occasional sessions with Kim to reinforce myself in the doing the right thing for ME!!. . . . Sharon Mann, RE/MAX Eastside Brokers


Sharon Mann
RE/MAX Eastside Brokers
When it comes to real estate investing, Sharon is the one you want. I can personally say she has made me hundreds of thousands in Real Estate. Wow is all I can say!!!. . . . Victor Lombardi, Mortgage Specialists

Sharon helped us get into our dream home with creative financing when our old home did not sell as anticipated. She also came up with a great idea for where to locate my office when I couldn't find a room that would work. I now have a great office built to my specs which turned out better than I ever imagined. . . . Val Vavrik, V V Graphics, LLC

Sharon Mann is a great client and one of my success stories. She has been very kind, generous and enthusiastic in referring many friends and co-workers to me. Sharon is also very active in supporting the community and has included me in various activities. . . . Kim Boyden, Certified Hypnotherapist

[picture]Vic Lombardi
Mortgage Specialists

After Victor had helped us get a good 30-year fixed mortgage loan, a few years later when interest rates began to decline and we'd taken out a home improvement loan, he ran the numbers and showed us how much we would save by rolling the mortgages into one. Then about six months later when interest rates really took a dive (and we needed to put siding on our house) Vic got us into a new loan that enabled us to pay for the siding and pay off our credit cards—for an even lower monthly mortgage payment. Whenever the topic of mortgages comes up, I enjoy handing out his card and telling about how Vic helped get us our 5% interest rate 30-year fixed mortgage. . . . Valerie Vavrik, V V Graphics, LLC

Victor has taken the time to mentor me in taking my business to the next level. He has provided me with the tools and support to help keep my vision attainable. His positive attitude and business experience are great attributes. . . . Kim Boyden, Certified Hypnotherapist


Valerie Vavrik
V V Graphics, LLC
Val has been my graphic designer, printer and business consultant over the past couple years. She has been invaluable to me - creating new logos; designing and printing business cards, brochures, booklets, handouts, posters and various labels; burning CDs - helping give my business a professional look. Val, is always cheerful, creative and very efficient. My business would not be where it is today without her services and help. . . . Kim Boyden, Certified Hypnotherapist

Spectacular graphic works and the patience to work with clients when customizing. Although the word "Rave" comes to mind, really "Ecstatic" is the correct word. Even a small job like my business cards gets me compliments from my clients. Keep up the good work Val! Glad you are part of the team!!. . . . Victor Lombardi, Mortgage Specialists

Val Vavrik of VV Graphics has provided my business with quality solutions and graphic support for seven years. She is a master of her craft, versatile and humerous, willing to go the extra mile to make sure your project is first class. I recommend VV Graphics to my clients for their graphic design needs. Val has never let me down. . . . John Jackson, Aruba-J Mind/Body Wellness Ctr.

[picture]Orville Ward
Retirement Services Specialists, Inc.

Honesty, dedication and years of experience makes this a tough combination to beat. The man knows 401K and Roth IRAs like he designed them. Double digit returns aren't bad either. I sleep better at night knowing he is watching my money. . . . Victor Lombardi, Mortgage Specialists

Orville has helped me so many times over the years we've been in PROS together. Orville helped me set up a SEP (Simplified Employee Pension Plan) for my business that is automatically deducted out of my checking account each month (so I don't forget to do it), he set up an automatic savings program for an intern (and friend) I referred who wanted to start saving now so she can retire at a young age, and he helped me set up a mutual fund in a trust for a disabled family member. Orville Ward is a knowledgeable man of high integrity who I know I can trust with my money. . . . Valerie Vavrik, V V Graphics, LLC

Orville brings a fresh perspective to financial issues relating to retirement planning and investment advice. His integrity combined with years of experience has led to a great relationship with myself, as well as clients that have been refereed to him. I have enjoyed working with Orville and will continue to do so in the future. . . . Mike Fullaway, CPA, Fullaway, Lamphear & Sauve PLLC

Individual and business referrals to me from PROS members have resulted in more than one millions dollars invested. I have also referred a number of my clients to PROS members. The quality service received from those members has enhanced my own value in the eyes of these key clients. We have all gained valuable business and personal insight from presentations by others in our meetings. . . . Orville Ward, Retirement Services Specialists, Inc.

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